Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement Energy For Them

Your personal data

We fully respect the privacy of all Energy For Them users and personal data about you will be held in confidence. Furthermore we will not disclose your personal data to any third party. Our employees are bound to confidentiality regarding information they obtain, subject to any legal regulations committing the employee to notification.

The data that we gather

In order to create a form with Energy For Them you will have to register first. The personal data we require is limited to the minimum needed for the maintenance of your account and the proper usage of Energy For Them. If you choose to purchase a subscription we will ask for additional information we need for your invoice.

The data that you gather

It is for you to decide what data you gather within your forms. You are fully responsible for the content of your forms (see our conditions). If the data you gather is privacy sensitive, you may choose to purchase a secure subscription that enables you to have the data collect sent over a secure line (SSL) and encrypt the email traffic.

What do we do with the collected data

Your data as well as the data you gather will be stored in a database on our server. Your personal data will be used for the proper usage of Energy For Them to send you an invoice if you choose to purchase a subscription and to inform you by email if new Energy For Them features are available.

We have no interference with the data of your respondents other than to have them at your disposal.

Further information we gather about you

We will collect certain data that is related to you. We will use it for internal analyses about demography, interest and origin of our users to increase our marketing view, to provide you with better service and, if needed, to solve bugs in Energy For Them. This applies to your navigation on Energy For Them, the browser you use, how you found us and your ip-address.


A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer and that a website uses to store some information. Energy For Them uses the following kind of cookies:

  • Temporary cookies (session cookies):

    Some cookies on the homepage are used to check if your browser is using the right version of Energy For Them.
    After you logged in Energy For Them will use a cookie to identify your session.
    Energy For Them will also store preference settings when you apply them. When you close your browser, these cookies will automatically be removed.
    For the proper usage of Energy For Them it is important that you accept these cookies.
  • Permanent cookies: Energy For Them uses a cookie to store your username in order to have it automatically filled in when you load our homepage.
    Furthermore an affiliate id will be stored in this cookie if you found us through one of our affiliate partners. Remember entry feature: You will be able to have entries on your form to be remembered for the next time that person fills in your form. If you use this feature Energy For Them will write the entry within a cookie on the respondent’s computer.

These cookies are not required for proper usage of Energy For Them

Accuracy & Access

We strive to keep your personal data accurate. You will have access to your personal data and you will be able to update them any time. In order to protect your data you will have to identify yourself to get access to this information.

After you removed your last form, you will be able to remove your entire account and no data of any kind of you or your respondents will be kept.

You also have the possibility to let your respondents update or delete the data they provided to you. In this case your respondents will have to identify themselves using a username and password before they can fill in your form in order to get access to their data in the future.


We do everything in our power to secure your data and the data you gather through our forms. To prevent unauthorized access of data or leaking data, to keep the accuracy of your data and to assure the proper use of your data, we have set up physical, electronic and maintenance procedures. Additionally, Energy For Them provides you several ways to protect the data of your respondents such as a secure connection (SSL) and encrypted email messages.

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