What we do

  • Sale from our local dealers of PV panels, LED light, off grid lanternpoles,
  • Total parkmanagement Solar parcs
  • Engineering of solar parcs (Geo, modulair etc)
  • Training local staff solar parcs
  • Contracts and financing solar parcs
  • Trouble shooting engineering solar parcs
  • Inspection/monitoring solar parcs (with drones)

We proudly provides, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), and O&M (operations & maintenance) services to customers throughout the world.  Additionally, we have developed our own proprietary renewable energy monitoring system complete with a newly developed cost project and control module and is one of the first O&M providers to offer a solar power production guarantee.  With a local presence and the extensive reach of  O&M personnel for onsite repair services, customers are ensured that outages and faults are quickly resolved to provide optimal system performance. Backed by years of experience gained from their testing facility, in the engineering of innovative products, inverter monitoring, and site expertise, Energy for them has multi-megawatts of power, O&M services for solar Energy for them is a significant player in the consulted and constructed solar project market provides the followings: Project Management, Design, Civil Construction.

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